Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Product Design Models

Products Design & Construction

Various Sculptures Mix

Misc. Sculptures

Figure Sketch

Dynamic Figure Quick Sketch

'Twisted Angel' Sculpture

Design Ideation Sketches

Ideation Sketching

Portrait Character Scuplture

Figure Sculpture (Half Life ~ 36" h)

<br />Figurative Sculpture, 1/2 Scale

Cetus - 'A Mythological Amphibious Creature''

Mythical Sea Dweller

Fantasy Sculpture Collage

Various Imaginery Sculptures

An Old Transportation Concept

Acura Design Concept

Dr. Moreau Transport Concept

Character Studies

Longer Sketch Studies


Quick Sketches (2 and 5 Min.)

Quick Sketch Poses

Quick Sketch Poses


Quick Sketch Posing



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